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Bangkok TravelBangkok is a vibrant city featuring great contrasts to all visitors. The city’s cultural heritage locates mostly on Rattanakosin Island as Rama I built his new capital dating from 1782. This historic island is famous for splendid and ancient temples which is perfect for a morning trip. It can be very hot during the day since Bangkok is recorded by the World Meteorological Organization as the world’s hottest city, so do not underestimate the heat. It is better to stop and cool down in some air-conditioned malls or indoor attractions which located everywhere around the city. Then, Bangkok’s the evening will show you more of its modern face, with cheerful and hip nightlife scene.

Bangkok Travel GuideTraveling in Bangkok during the day might be a little tough especially for those who don’t get use to the hot temperature. Because Bangkok is ranked as the hottest city, so it is better not to underestimate the heat. Recommendations are to start your trip early for temple visits, as it is a must-not-miss activity to learn about the city and Thai cultures, and frequently drink enough fluids along the way. There is no need to carry a huge water bottle with you since you will find convenient stores and retail shops that selling cool beverages all over the place. Also, it is advisable to wear clothes and shoes that are comfortable to the climate, but make sure to make it polite as well since you might need to enter temples and restaurants that require strict dress code.

Although the city is infamous for its traffic jam, going around Bangkok is now much easy due to a variety of public transit system. The BTS Skytrain and MRT Metro are the best choice to hop on and off especially when traveling around Sukhumvit and Silom, while Chao Phraya Express Boat and the Saen Saep Express Boat is perfect to explore river and cabals especially around Rattanakosin Island for temple trips.

Bangkok Restaurant

Metered taxi and Tuk-Tuk are also available for a quick and easy pullover when going through small alleys in the city, but you might need to be good at fare bargaining.

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