Museum of Siam

If you are the one who think that visiting museum is such a boring travel plan and a waste of time rather than strolling and shopping in malls or department stores and believe that Museum of Siamevery museum in Thailand is all the same, showing the past civilization and history, now your idea will be changed after visiting this amazing museum.

Museum of Siam is located on Sanamchai Road in Bangkok in the former land of the Ministry of Commerce, with a short walk from the Grand Palace and Wat Pho. Established with an aim to introduce a new image of the museum, the Museum of Siam is the first museum of learning and focuses on creating fresh experiences to all visitors to learn history in more exciting way.

The word “Why?” is used as the museum’s slogan replacing “Welcome!” which is normally used in other museums, encouraging visitors to switch on “thinking” and activating them to learn more about Thai’s origin.

“Who are the people of Siam?” “What is the REAL Thai?” “Why did we change “Siam” to “Thailand” and countless unanswered questions are portrayed through a variety of exhibition in many different rooms, instructing the origin of Thailand from past to present. Through modern technology presentation, visitors can learn and understand the history in easy and fun way with thailand travel.

The Museum of Siam

The other thing that makes Museum of Siam different from other museums is a permission to touch ancient goods. First-hand experience gaining from touching things will draw a great interest among visitors toward whatever they are learning. With fun and enjoyment, you will possibly find that the time has passed so fast until you forget how long you have spent time in this fantastic museum!

The Museum of Siam opens on Tuesday to Sunday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. It is a bilingual museum with Thai and English subtitled. If you are Thai or a foreigner who wants to make a visit in Thailand, I recommend you to visit this fascinating museum. You will learn more about Thailand and many interesting stories about this country which you might never know before what REAL Thai is! 😀

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