Museum of Siam

If you are the one who think that visiting museum is such a boring travel plan and a waste of time rather than strolling and shopping in malls or department stores and believe that Museum of Siamevery museum in Thailand is all the same, showing the past civilization and history, now your idea will be changed after visiting this amazing museum.

Museum of Siam is located on Sanamchai Road in Bangkok in the former land of the Ministry of Commerce, with a short walk from the Grand Palace and Wat Pho. Established with an aim to introduce a new image of the museum, the Museum of Siam is the first museum of learning and focuses on creating fresh experiences to all visitors to learn history in more exciting way.

The word “Why?” is used as the museum’s slogan replacing “Welcome!” which is normally used in other museums, encouraging visitors to switch on “thinking” and activating them to learn more about Thai’s origin.

“Who are the people of Siam?” “What is the REAL Thai?” “Why did we change “Siam” to “Thailand” and countless unanswered questions are portrayed through a variety of exhibition in many different rooms, instructing the origin of Thailand from past to present. Through modern technology presentation, visitors can learn and understand the history in easy and fun way with thailand travel. Continue reading

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Bangkok Thailand – Budget Traveler Destination

South East Asia has always been a great place to travel and is affordable for everyone especially those on budget trip. Thailand is one of the most popular countries and the most budget friendly countries in the world that is blessed with abundance of natural resources and unique culture making it a perfect destination to all kinds of holiday vacation.

Centara Central World

Even a trip to capital of Thailand can be done at budget. Bangkok has long been a favorite destination among world travel community for good reasons; Cheap accommodations, tasty dining, inexpensive public transportations, stunning beaches and lush mountains, and a bustling metropolis. All of these reasons contribute to make Bangkok an ideal place for budget travelers.

Khaosan Road

Khaosan Road is famous among graduates and those taking gap year. Here you can find things at affordable price; a number of backpacker hostels offered as cheap as $5US a night, delicious Pad Thai for $1US, and inexpensive Thai spirits.

You might consider Sukhumvit if Khaosan is not your style. Sukhumvit is home to many expats and with Skytrain located in a short distance making it easy for you to get around the city easily. Guesthouses and hotels in Sukhumvit are more laid back, nice and clean while paying as little as $25-30US for private room and, of course, cheap eat. Continue reading

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Bangkok Travel

Bangkok TravelBangkok is a vibrant city featuring great contrasts to all visitors. The city’s cultural heritage locates mostly on Rattanakosin Island as Rama I built his new capital dating from 1782. This historic island is famous for splendid and ancient temples which is perfect for a morning trip. It can be very hot during the day since Bangkok is recorded by the World Meteorological Organization as the world’s hottest city, so do not underestimate the heat. It is better to stop and cool down in some air-conditioned malls or indoor attractions which located everywhere around the city. Then, Bangkok’s the evening will show you more of its modern face, with cheerful and hip nightlife scene.

Bangkok Travel GuideTraveling in Bangkok during the day might be a little tough especially for those who don’t get use to the hot temperature. Because Bangkok is ranked as the hottest city, so it is better not to underestimate the heat. Recommendations are to start your trip early for temple visits, as it is a must-not-miss activity to learn about the city and Thai cultures, and frequently drink enough fluids along the way. There is no need to carry a huge water bottle with you since you will find convenient stores and retail shops that selling cool beverages all over the place. Continue reading

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